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Akuvox IT83 Smart Android Indoor Monitor

Le 14 June 2018, 10:54 dans Humeurs 0

● 10-inch touch screen 
● Intuitive Android Operating System 
● Alexa Integration 
● Premium audio and video quality 
● Home automation integration 
● Android 6.0/SIP/RTSP/PoE

Akuvox smart indoor monitor IT83 is a multifunctional modern in-home intercom featuring Android OS 6.0 and 10-inch capacitive touch screen. It provides exceptional audio and video communication with door phone and room-to-room communication via SIP 2.0 protocol, and supports real-time entrance monitoring via ONVIF/RTSP. It comes with rich interface that enables easy integration with other digital systems, such as home automation and telehealthcare.


Above all, it is very user-friendly, offering simple wiring and autoprovisioning during installation and easy-to-navigate user interface that requires minimum training to operate. 


Akuvox R29F Smart Intercom

Le 14 June 2018, 10:53 dans Humeurs 0

● 7-inch large touch screen
● Premium audio and video quality
● Real-time entrance monitoring
● Remote door opening
● Multiple access methods
● Android 5.1/SIP/ONVIF/Wiegand/PoE/IP65

R29F is the industry’s most cutting-edge SIP-enabled IP video door phone featuring Android OS and a large capacitive touch screen. It enables easy monitoring of an entrance area and convenient entry control.


The ability of granting or denying access based on talking to and seeing your visitors as if in person, gives one a true sense of security and great peace of mind. Especially for a business, it eliminates the need for personnel to be physically stationed at the door/gate, which improves productivity and frees them up to work on other things.


Analytic LED Downlight Application in All Fields

Le 28 January 2015, 09:10 dans Humeurs 0

digital signage

LED downlight business is in the course of rapid development, specifically with LED industrial lighting price progress, the benefit of led downlight turn out to be far more and more significant, and it utilized in distinct fields far more extensively, LED downlight set up in home, motel, motel, buying supermarket, shop of smallpox, it's have higher effectiveness and vitality saving, led downlight than conventional vitality-saving lighting lights and lanterns vitality saving 60% - 80% above, and is versatile and handy for set up, it have a lengthy existence time, LED tube light safeguard environmental , no ultraviolet light without infrared; no radiation, lighting outcomes downy, no stroboscopic, belong to the actual eco-friendly lighting light resource, significantly improve the home, motel,buying, shop's taste and grade nowadays sinolumi LED restricted inform everybody the primary app of LED downlight. You will learn how to buy led downlight.Where to buy LED flat panel light?

1.The earlier LED lighting light resource luminous effectiveness is lower, the intensity of light basic can only obtain many to dozens of mcd, utilize to in aspect celebration, in the house home appliances, instrumentation, telecommunications gear, personal computer app and toys. At existing the immediate focus on is LED light resource repot incandescent light and fluorescent light, this sort of choice craze has LED downlight and so on from nearby app fields started to created.

2. Car sector on the app of wholesale LED tube light, primary is the tail light and aspect light, can increase to decorate and remind part.

3. LED downlight can avoid shock, light response rate, and help save electrical power and lengthy existence and other features, extensively utilized in all sorts of in aspect celebrations advertising rate.

4. You know that LED downlight can be utilized for home decoration lighting, in supermarket pox condole best, foundation wall decoration, corridor decoration and require some basic lighting's spot have a quite wonderful app.

5. You know that LED downlight can be utilized for bars and other spots of amusement, the abundant color and powerful illumination technique can include far more vitality for these spots.

LED downlight can use to a great deal of spot, as LED downlight technologies improvements, LED downlight will be far more buyers recognized and accepted in the long term, get far more extensive advertising and app. LED downlight is getting far more well-known nowadays for the reason that it does have so a lot of advantages. When you see what these are and how they can perform for you, it's in all probability you will make the option to choose LED street light. LED stands for light emitting diode and this refers to the way the light resource performs. gu10 LED bulbs run on awesome light, as opposed to incandescent bulbs which can get quite warm. LED lighting is usually utilized in photo voltaic driven lights which make them far more effective and far more advantageous. They perform excellent for this for the reason that they are produced to be lengthy lasting.

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